Mrs Jo Williamson is the conductor of the Choir and Choir Director at Hereford Cathedral School, she is the inspiration behind Cantabile.

Cantabile Girls Choir has flourished as one of a number of Choirs at Hereford Cathedral School.

It has its own distinctive character as the only all girls choir at the school and they delight in the wide repertoire that Jo has put together for them which includes traditional choral pieces but also folk and other genre. It is very different in character from the all boy Choristers who sing regularly in the Cathedral.

The Director of Music is Mr Evans and it is clear what a great contribution Jo and the girls make to the other mixed choirs and the musical life of the school.

Cantabile would love to have the chance to perform more and even tour if the right opportunity arose. Any enquiries about the Choir and opportunities for concerts and venues can be directed to Jo Williamson, Hereford Cathedral School Music School, 01432 363531.

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