Performing on the S4C outdoor stage at the Festival 2013

Cantabile were invited to perform a selection of songs on the S4C outdoor stage. They found themselves in a very different kind of competition  – with the broadcasts from the main pavilion! See if you think they managed to keep on track …

1 thought on “Performing on the S4C outdoor stage at the Festival 2013

  1. David Homer

    Many congratulations on Llangollen win ! I wonder if I listened to you singing in Mansfield Library in around 1971, Jo ? I seem to remember there were about sixteen girls in the early days of Cantamus and they had late afternoon/early evening concerts there to a smallish – but select- audience. Have you recorded any CDs with Cantabile ? Very sad to hear of the the passing of Pamela Cook. Cantamus did her proud over the last few days in Graz – two firsts & a third.


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